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Uh?!? Developer?

Project page is at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pd-overlay/


For contributing, please send patches, ebuilds, tests, errors and solutions to our bugtracker: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=180376&atid=892936
NOTE: when submitting new ebuilds, please select category New ebuild

You should always read Gentoo Development Guide which will tell you (almost) anything about ebuilds.

SVN repository

You can browse SVN repository here: http://pd-overlay.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/pd-overlay/

TODO: Document pd.eclass (if it's still going to be used...)
(actually there is the possibility to move towards HCS's build system - please see pd-extended-9999.ebuild)

Coding guidelines and tips

(to be completed)


Ebuilds (or software) with known bugs or problems:

Gemavi flag doesn't work (which library needs?)
ieee1394 doesn't work (missing ieee1394.h header, and it's not that coming from the kernel sources)
gltt doesn't work (deprecated)


Ebuild FIXME list:

freeverb~ xx
Gem x
ggee x
gridflow x
iem-comport x
iem-iemmatrix x
iem-iem_tab x x
iemlib x
maxlib x x
miXed x
pdogg xx x
pdp xx
pyext x x
zexy x

See buildlog.txt

Legend of FIXME issues:

 * QA Notice: The following files contain runtime text relocations
 *  Text relocations force the dynamic linker to perform extra
 *  work at startup, waste system resources, and may pose a security
 *  risk.  On some architectures, the code may not even function
 *  properly, if at all.
 *  For more information, see http://hardened.gentoo.org/pic-fix-guide.xml
 * QA Notice: Pre-stripped files found
 * QA Notice: The following files contain executable stacks
 *  Files with executable stacks will not work properly (or at all!)
 *  on some architectures/operating systems.  A bug should be filed
 *  at http://bugs.gentoo.org/ to make sure the file is fixed.
 *  For more information, see http://hardened.gentoo.org/gnu-stack.xml
 * QA Notice: Package has poor programming practices which may compile
 *            fine but exhibit random runtime failures.
oggamp~/oggamp~.c:1286: warning: implicit declaration of function 'strtol'
oggcast~/oggcast~.c:373: warning: implicit declaration of function 'srand'
oggcast~/oggcast~.c:374: warning: implicit declaration of function 'rand'
oggcast~/oggcast~.c:1259: warning: implicit declaration of function 'free'
NO_DOCSdoesn't install any documentation, just the .pd_linux file


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