Project Pd-Overlay wants to bring you up to date PureData externals and related software to your Gentoo Linux OS.

Why an overlay? Because Gentoo Portage tree is big, and the process of releasing ebuilds to the official tree takes time.

So Pd-Overlay means speed.

Also, Pd-Overlay is open towards users: you can easily contribute, by submitting bug reports, giving feedback, suggestion, or by developing new ebuilds, cause it's easy and you will find all the information you need on this site.

How to use it

Basically you have three choices:

Once you are ok with the configuration and synchronization stuff, it's time to emerge stuff. Note that almost all packages are not marked stable, so you might need to unmask them (see the Gentoo Wiki for an explanation of this topic)

Report bugs

To report bugs about ebuilds (broken ebuilds, incorrect install locations, and so on...) or just to give us feedback or to submit new ebuilds, use this link


Developers go here ;)

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